Pepe OG is the home of the original Pepe Hero that we all know and love Community driven token with Global following. It features the iconic meme character Pepe and the Blockchain Hero, Pepe needs your help. he wants to escape the pond and travel to the moon! With your support he can moon if he has enough community behind him. His token is based on the Binance Smart Chain.

To support $OGPEPE, we have an in-house Industry leading Marketing Team to drive it to success, our Team has led many tokens to million dollar marketcaps! We will ensure users have access to safe and completely decentralized finance, aimed at giving the power for wealth back to where it belongs – In the hands of the people. Through harnessing the complete potential of community, positive energy and the Power of Blockchain, Pepe will be the next Meme Hero of 2023. In 2008, Pepe made his first steps to internet stardom, since then he has made way to Blockchain and made a tremendous amount of wealth. We will utilise that success and ensure a steady forward plan.



Milestone #1 (Development)

Website and Social Media Creation
Branding and Design
Community Building
KYC & Audit
Global Marketing Campaign
Social Media Ads Campaign
Whitelist Campaign
Contract Testing
Dapp and Swap Development

Milestone #2 (Progression)

Presale on Pinksale
Dapp Dashboard Launch
Viral Twitter Marketing Campaign
Global Telegram Community
Dapp Dashboard Launch
Media Content

Milestone #3 (Launch)

PancakeSwap listing
BSCscan Verification
CoinMarketCap Listing
CoinGecko Listing
Bitmart/MexC Listing Planned
Trending across Major Platforms
Marketing Campaigns
Partnership Announcements

Ultimate Goal (Global

To be released following launch


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